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The Wiz Official Trailer #1 – Michael Jackson Movie (1978) HD

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The Wiz Trailer – Directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Diana Ross Michael Jackson Nipsey Russell Ted Ross and Mabel King A re-imaging of The Wizard of Oz, established versus an city background with an African American cast.

Universal – 1978

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  1. Definitely liked this movie when I was young. I've never known about the original Broadway play until seeing the Nostalgia Critic/Todd In The Shadows crossover. Now we're getting a "Live" version on NBC in December, so now I can see the original source material where this movie deviated from.

  2. RIP twin towers. How can you re-make the Wiz when this version hit it out of the park? A pre-royal MJ, Diana in her prime and all the great actors in this movie….

  3. Next year in 2018  it will be time for Universal Studios Home Entertainment to once again Fuck up THE WIZ DVD 40th Anniversary Edition with ZERO outstanding bonus features like they did with the so-called 30th Anniversary Edition which was the EXACT same DVD from 1999 with different Art Work and then Fuck up the Blu Ray with ZERO new bonus features as well. To my knowledge Rob Cohen, Joel Schumacher, and Quincy Jones are still alive. If they can be featured on Michael Jacksons "Off The Wall Documentary" talking about THE WIZ,  why are they not being used for a full Audio Commentary for this film on a proper DVD release of THE WIZ with tons of bonus features including never before seen Deleted Scenes, brand new updated Featurette, outtakes, gag reals, trivia pop up track, photo stills, TV trailer spots, etc???…..Universal Studios thinks the fans of this film are stupid and that they can continue to get away with re-releasing the same DVD from 1999  over and over again and calling it something else.. Universal Studios Home Entertainment has been such a HUGE disappointment with the disgusting treatment of this magnificent outstanding brilliant great cult classic film on DVD…Travesty!!

  4. As bad as this movie was panned (and rightfully so with Diana Ross cast as Dorothy), it is a cult classic mainly because of the great overall acting performances of the other cast members especially Michael Jackson. Kudos to Quincy Jones for one hell of a Film Score and Musical Direction along with Ashford & Simpson

    Sad thing is that all the main and co-cast members in the movie have passed on except for Diana Ross!

    And a history note regarding this movie: This was the 1st major motion picture to ever be filmed at the original World Trade Center.

  5. I love this movie…i remember seeing it when it came out.. Went on a field trip with my 4grade class
    Came back and bragged to my brother that it was better than the wizard of oz.. Still think so..

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