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Relationships Are Tested Once More in USA’s Reboot

(Image by: Mario Perez/Usa Network)

On the tropical island of Maui, four committed but unmarried couples set their interactions to the ultimate take a look at. They have agreed to go on this journey to day other individuals, with 24 other captivating singles who want to discover like.

The United states community is bringing back the drama with Temptation Island. This actuality phenomenon, which originally aired on Fox from 2001-03, returns on January 15 with authentic host Mark L. Wahlberg.

This season’s 4 couples: Evan Smith, Nicole Tutewohl, Kaci Campbell, Karl Collins, Shari Ligons, John Thurmond, Javen Butler, Kady Krambeer (Picture by: Mario Perez/United states of america Network)

The couples different. The men take pleasure in the company of the 12 eye-catching females and the women invest time with the 12 qualified males. They pair off on dates. Some excellent. Some lousy. Some hot and significant.

The genuine drama comes when Mark gathers the group collectively to observe the films of the working day (and night). As they view their have actions with the tempters, times of jealousy, rage and appreciate are expressed as the partners re-evaluate what jointly they want.

Does the unique environment lead them into seductions or will they be seduced on their own?

Temptation Island, Premiere, Tuesday, January 19, 10/9c, United states Community

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