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Peter Parker & Marry Jane Divorce Scene | SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2018) Movie CLIP HD

Peter Parker & Marry Jane Divorce Scene | SPIDER-Person: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2018) Motion picture CLIP | Complete High definition/1080p
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Spider-Gentleman crosses parallel proportions and groups up with the Spider-Adult men of those proportions to cease a threat to all reality.

SPIDER-Gentleman: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE – Formal Trailer (High definition) :

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  1. I hope that spiderman universe isn't the last stand spiderman where he becomes an old man and…. I'm not gonna explain it read the comic yourself it's pretty dark and let's just say, MJ is a bitch for even thinking of marrying Peter in the first place making the thing she loved about him the reason of why they divorced, at least Gwen loves the thrill of being a spider hero I mean she is spider Gwen in this movie after all

  2. Peter and MJ split up!!? That’s not right! That’s like saying Superman and Lois Lane split up! Sure Hulk can split up with Betty Ross, but Spidey and MJ? And I can’t believe Spiderman turned into a pot-bellied slob!! 🤯

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