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Of Mice and Men Official Trailer #1 – John Malkovich Movie (1992) HD

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Of Mice and Adult men Trailer – Directed by Gary Sinise and starring John Malkovich, Gary Sinise, Ray Walston, Casey Siemaszko, John Terry. Two drifters, a single a mild but sluggish big, consider to make money performing the fields through the Depression so they can satisfy their dreams.

MGM – 1992

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  1. How did this movie not receive a bunch of awards? Both actors were incredible and it was directed beautifully. Couldn't really ask for much more in a movie. P.S. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE STORY, WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS IN THIS COMMENTS SECTION.

  2. I seent this many year ago, the part that sticks with me, is when he pets the mice to death. (Multiple times) I had to revisit the poem by the scot, mr. Burns, that brought me here.

  3. I'm 34 read this watched both versions in high school and I'm still in love with this story. crazy they still have you guys reading this today 2018 lol seriously the curriculum needs a change

  4. I wasn't interested in the beginning. I saw the book and already assumed I was going to hate it. It was Lennie's sweet mannerisms that made me pay attention. Since then I have developed such a love for the characters, it breaks my heart Lennie will never get his happy ending. None of them will. Easy to say that for a book with only six chapters, it took me on an emotional roller coaster. Compared to books most with 200+ pages, Of Mice and Men easily has gotten me the most emotional.

  5. Outstanding film about the harsh realities of life during the great depression, the power of group discipline, the male psyche, fear, and evil hatred. Excellent movie for young people to learn or older folks to remind themselves about basic real American integrity, loyalty, and character and the lack of it. A movie for all people to learn about people.

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