Is Star Wars 9 Really Teaming Rey with This Surprise Character?

Alright, this is unexpected. But it makes sense. We know from leaked established photographs that Finn, Poe and Chewbacca are off on their have experience when Star Wars 9 kicks off. So wherever are Rey and Rose? They are on their personal solo mission, with the two characters teaming up for the to start with time on the huge display screen collectively.

Rose is 1 character we have not listened to substantially about due to the fact J.J. Abrams began capturing the epic finale to the SkyWalker saga this summer season. Little tidbits have dribbled out right here and there. Rose has been a divisive character, to say the the very least. Rather new to this universe, she has some admirers, but additional haters. And the abuse on line toward the servicing employee brought about the actress who plays her, Kelly Marie Tran, to give up social media.

Now, she’ll be again in Star Wars 9, presumably continue to pinning absent for Finn just after she saved him from his suicide mission at the end of The Very last Jedi. Finn obviously has inner thoughts for Rey, so there will be an interesting dynamic that performs out among the three of them, particularly between Rey and Rose.

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Rey has been paired up with really a couple of Star Wars people in just her initial two movies. She ran with Finn and BB-8 on Jakku, flew the Millennium Falcon to Maz Kanata’s Castle with Han Solo, broke absent for her very own solo mission inside the Starkiller Base, took Chewbacca and R2D2 to take a look at Luke Skywalker, and used some distinctive by yourself time with Kylo Ren in a series of Power FaceTime sessions, right before teaming up with the new Supreme Chief to get on Snoke’s guards. When last we say Rey, she was meeting Poe for the to start with time as the final of the Resistance flew to the considerably reaches of the galaxy inside the Falcon.

Now, in accordance to a leak that will come from anyone near to the production staff, Rey will allegedly pair off with Rose as the youthful Jedi proceeds to come into her own. The Star Wars 9 spy states this.

“I heard that the film will observe 3 plot lines: Poe and Finn in a mission, next plot line would follow Rey and Rose going in a [sic] ‘adventure’ of some kinds, and the last plot line would be from Kylo’s point of view. Making an attempt to hold the [First Order] in line and satisfy his strategies.”

This Reddit consumer won’t want to go as much as to verify these issues. And the particular person that leaked the facts only has a small job on the generation aspect of it. This appears right, though. We can affirm that Finn, Poe and Chewbacca are off going to the grass plains of an unnamed world. Early established images showed these 3 people teaming up. The illustrations or photos were stated to be from the 1st act of the film. Standard Leia has allegedly sent different soldiers into the wild searching for new recruits as the Resistance attempts to make a defense in opposition to the Initially Order and wipe out them for fantastic. The most appealing arc listed here, that no 1 has really been talking about, is that the Resistance is becoming led by the mother of the dude now in manage of the Very first Purchase. They are equally supremely force delicate. Hell, Leia can fly through the cold vastness of space with just her fingers guiding the way.

This conflict was intended to gasoline the main tale in Star Wars 9, and there were being two important scenes among Kylo and Leia that did not get shot ahead of Carrie Fisher’s passing. This story between mom and son has been scaled back, and J.J. Abrams is utilizing outdated discarded footage from The Pressure Awakens and The Final Jedi to cull with each other a performance from Carrie Fisher. Whilst the legendary actress is not becoming CGI’d, its suspected that anything around her, like her wardrobe and possibly even her mouth for new dialogue, will be manipulated.

There is no phrase on what Rey and Rose will be doing collectively. It’s expected that they will also be off in the Outer Rim, looking for recruits. We have previously noticed a set photo produced by J.J. Abrams that has Finn, Rey and Chewbacca on the Falcon, so absolutely everyone will regroup prior to the 3rd act.

Star Wars 9 is anticipated to kick off with a significant time bounce. Everyone will be older and wiser. Some time will have passed among Rose and Finn, so probably they’ve worked out some of their romance issues. The tale in Star Wars 9 will most probable be given over to Kylo and Rey, but where there paths will direct is anyone’s guess but J.J. Abrams and the crew at this point. This most current Star Wars 9 intel arrived from a so-identified as top secret spy on Reddit. The art employed previously mentioned was established by Izac Peters on Art Station.

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