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Cierra Ramirez on Watching Mariana Grow Up & What’s Next for the Foster Sisters

Freeform’s The Fosters spinoff, Superior Issues, is just the variety of trouble we have been searching for.

The drama series focuses on a developed-up Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) and Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) as they endure article-grad daily life whilst leasing in a communal dwelling house in Los Angeles. Viewers will also see them dealing with cutthroat do the job environments as a software engineer and regulation clerk, respectively.

We caught up with Ramirez (also an government producer on the collection) to chat about what is actually in retail outlet for these dynamic women as they kick off a new — but not always sunny — lifetime in L.A..

Mariana and Callie equally have really major occupation paths that they are pursuing — paths you never commonly see on Television set for younger ladies. What can you inform us about what Mariana’s operate lifetime appears to be like going into Great Trouble?

Cierra Ramirez: She is a computer software engineer, which as you know, and have observed during The Fosters, is a enthusiasm of hers. But she arrives to uncover out definitely immediately that it is not exactly how she anticipated it to be. She’s not this awesome software program engineer quickly and she’s not as particular as she thinks she is. Everybody else has also gone to MIT, or Stanford, and done all of these points that she hasn’t carried out. And it is a significant Boy’s Club, also anything that she’s not pretty made use of to.


So, she’s going to have to study how to navigate as a result of the place of work and make her name recognised. I believe she feels that the gentlemen want her to dumb herself down and which is a little something that she does not stand for at all. She’s going to want to modify the lifestyle at her function, when also keeping her situation and not get fired. It’s heading to be type of entertaining to struggle the patriarchy. Moreover, it can help inspire other females, I imagine. If I can encourage far more gals to get into tech, that would be amazing.

What about Mariana and Callie’s residence everyday living in Los Angeles?

Effectively, Mariana leaves out the reality that their room is a communal residing space when she talks to Callie. [Callie’s] so psyched about obtaining her major lady apartment and residing in the town and that is just instantly shattered. She has to go back to dorm lifestyle/foster life and sharing a toilet and all of that things. [This communal living space is] what type of would make it have the exact same coronary heart as The Fosters, although. And there are all walks of lifestyle that come via all those doors, but they all share similar wants and desires for their daily life and that all truly resonates with each individual of them. They develop into loved ones.

Tommy Martinez as Gael, Zuri Adele as Malika, Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster, Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams Foster, Emma Hunton as Davia, Roger Bart as Decide Wilson, Sherry Cola as Alice, and Josh Pence as Dennis. (Freeform/Gus&Lo)

Who did you get to shoot with the most apart from Maia?

Mariana really gets shut to Davia (Emma Hunton) and Alice (Sherry Cola), who reside at the Coterie. But that is a thing that Mariana’s likely to battle with since Callie’s position is so demanding, and Mariana is somebody who doesn’t truly like currently being by itself. So, she has to find her individual way and make her possess mates.

What are the greatest struggles we’re likely to see these two sisters encounter?

Rising up in your twenties and all the trials and tribulations that come together with that. The obligations that they now have, but also the independence — that is likely to capture up with them, as effectively. Even though you are in your twenties and you are technically an adult, you genuinely want your family now far more than at any time [Hello, Noah Centineo], and there are times that they will not be in a position to discuss it out. They’ll need anyone else to get them via it.

NOAH CENTINEO (Freeform/Richard Cartwright)

Do you have a beloved scene you shot this time?

As a lot as I like Downtown L.A., I’m not extremely familiar with it. So, I uncovered a lot about downtown and the nightlife within just that. There is a good deal of seriously enjoyable nightlife scenes that Mariana has, like her adventures with Davia. There’s a large amount of empowering scenes as effectively that I’m definitely just likely to be waiting the entire year for.

Did you get to shoot at the beach at all?

You know, we did not truly. Which is kind of funny because I experience like, as an individual who lives in L.A., as a great deal as I would really like to, I don’t make it out to the beach front as a lot as I must. And that targeted visitors — I are not able to offer.

Do you come to feel that you relate to Mariana extra now that your character is closer to your possess age?

Yeah, undoubtedly. There are a ton of similarities and you know, I really feel like, though I’m 23, I have to have my mother and dad far more than ever. I’ll get in touch with them and be like, ‘What do I do?’ You feel you have it all figured out, but you variety of never. And that is the elegance of lifetime, you have to experience it. So I undoubtedly relate to her, and I’m also just quite proud of the woman that she’s getting to be. I actually grew up with her and looking at her grow up by higher university and turning into a woman is just really, seriously entertaining.

We’ve by now seen the two of these girls go by so a great deal heartbreak and loss and twists and turns, particularly in their connection with each and every other. How would you say we see their partnership carry on to evolve in Season 1?

There is likely to be some tension, for confident, like any siblings have. Callie’s do the job plan is extra demanding and Mariana’s been questioned to deal with not looking at Callie all of the time. Their priorities are going to be incredibly different. Mariana’s not really feeling fulfilled at perform, so she’s heading to come across other ways to cope with that. Their life will be diverse and they’re heading to experience like they don’t definitely fully grasp every single other at instances.


At the conclusion of the day even though, they’ll just hug it out. It’s pleasant for them to have that feeling of property and that individual you can choose it out on, even even though residing in a new town, someone who will not get it personally for the reason that no issue what, they appreciate just about every other.

Excellent Issues, Series Premiere, Tuesday, January 8, 8/7c, Freeform

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