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CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Brie Larson Superhero Movie HD

CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Brie Larson Superhero Film Hd
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Carol Danvers gets one of the universe’s most strong heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war involving two alien races.

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Formal Trailer :

Superhero Flicks 2018/2019 :

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  1. If the comic book movie people are going to get it right. The girl should Ms. Marvel and they didn't start at the beginning where Captain Marvel is actually make. The one in this movie should be the daughter of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel and it seem they are pulling Star Wars or something, how sad. 👎

  2. And wy exactly are the skruls coming to earth???. And yet no superskruls wy are there no superskruls in this movie just weak normal skruls that are easy to beat by the looks of them.

  3. So Disney is killing two money-making franchises…smart. I will not see this, so no one attacks me if I don't like it. My prediction, Rotten Tomatoes critics score–110% — Audience score — 47%.

  4. I hope I'm wrong….
    This movie likes like trash on the following basis.
    Heroes don't calls themselves Heroes
    "Noble warrior Heroes" umm WTF !
    So it seems we are going to receive cringe worthy one liners.
    CG looks like utter crap, I'm sorry but 2019 and that's the CG we are getting, it's cheap and crappy.
    Brie Larson, primary reason this will be a pathetic movie, I'm sure she couldn't care less for her character, she only sees the role as a chunky paycheck.
    Her face doesn't show any expression at all !!!
    This might be Marvel comics first big flop.

  5. Wow, I am speechless. Who wrote this, a six-year-old? I am so bored with movies these days! The same old plot line, regurgitated in a different way, same old ending same exact movies over and over and over again. This new Power Ranger's version of "Captain Marvel", I mean I have never had such a desire to not see a movie than this one. This is so disappointing. I actually laughed throughout the trailer cause it was so cheesy! Krull was better than this!

  6. Something's wrong with the cgi they used. Did marvel get the same cgi firm that did superman's mustache removal?? Captain Marvel's face look so stiff and wooden, they need to re-do the cgi, smh.

  7. i like how some of you critique it when the goddamn movie hasnt even come out yet.
    just wait for it to come out, smh. the cgi looks fine??? just because its not infinity war level doesnt mean it'll be shit. damn.
    i mean, yeah her facial expressions are lacky but have you even read the comics?? please-

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