American Horror Story: Apocalypse Recap: Season 8 Episode 7 — Nan Returns

with the awareness that their new leader is, in point, the Antichrist, the witches turned to a couple previous buddies — and frenemies, the natural way — on Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Tale: Apocalypse.


Cordelia’s efforts took her to Dinah Stevens’ house, in which an interesting $100,000 acquired her a take a look at with that shadowy slice of man meat identified as Papa Legba. But the voodoo daddy was not the only acquainted confront awaiting Cordelia — it turns out that Nan is now working as Papa’s tiny mama. “I truly like hell,” she advised Cordelia. “It’s pleasurable! … I make difficulty.” (God, I have missed Nan.)

The Supreme’s ask for was for Papa Legba to open up the gates of the underworld extensive plenty of for her to entice Michael within, trapping him forever. Uncomplicated plenty of. But in purchase for him to betray Satan’s spawn (aka the boss’ child), he required a hell of a price: each and every and each and every 1 of her girls’ souls. Unwilling to sacrifice those she vowed to guard, Cordelia rejected his offer you, returning to Miss Robichaux’s Academy defeated — not to point out, you know, she’s out a hundred grand.

The coven’s next (and significantly a lot more effective) system included obtaining in touch with Joan Collins’ new character, witch-turned-film star Bubbles McGee. The good news is, her magical prowess proved considerably extra spectacular than her hottest performing gig, an Xmas-themed horror movie in which she tells her dying husband, “If–ked your company lover every calendar year gave that 1972!” You know, just a further classic vacation film for the family.

Anyhoo, Bubbles has the means to study into a person’s extremely soul, to “detect the truth in any circumstance.” (She also, according to Myrtle, has the skill to go down like no other, but I do not want to talk about that correct now… or at any time.) Myrtle set her newly obtained human lie detector to the check more than supper with the warlocks, in the course of which Bubbles learned that they murdered John Henry — and the witches have been following.

From there, it was only a make a difference of resurrecting John Henry (by means of Zoe and Mallory), kidnapping Ms. Mead (by way of Coco… although she was generally just a distraction) and catching Ariel and Baldwin in the act of plotting to eradicate the witches. What came subsequent was a deeply satisfying triple execution, as the witches burned their enemies alive — and looked damn very good although performing it.

Also really worth discussing…

* I’m so doubtful how I should really really feel about Coco. I’d like to believe that she’s much more than just a “human Excess weight Watchers,” but I also distinctly remember Madison mocking her uselessness soon after waking her in Outpost 3. 1 thing’s for confident: I’m not uncertain about how substantially I like Leslie Grossman’s general performance in the role. Brava.

* Although we’re chatting about strange powers, what the actual fork did Mallory do to quit Coco from choking? (That is rhetorical, of course. We all noticed her unzip Coco’s neck and pull the damn Hostess snack from her throat. But how? And while we’re at it, what is Mallory, in any case?)

* Can we get a minute to value all the faces in the promo for upcoming week’s episode? I suggest, Sandra Bernhard? Harriet Harris? Ryan Murphy is really bringing in all the queens this time.

Your views on Wednesday’s Apocalypse? Any new theories as we — gasp! — start out to tactic the conclusion of the time? Whatever’s on your mind, fall it in a remark below.


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